Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas reflections, post-blizzard thoughts

     Christmas has come and gone again. Perhaps I should put up the Christmas Countdown clock for next year, that way we can all panic over everything we need to do to get ready for the holiday next year, gifts to buy and planning the holiday menus. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoyed spending time with their loved ones. Christmas morning I went down for breakfast, had a nausea attack, and it was so bad had to take the prescribed anti-nausea medication. WELL THAT WAS A HOOT....because I literally slept most of the day away! I mean, couldn't have woken up even if mom said that Colin Farrell was dancing nakkid in my bedroom and swinging his talliwacker! I rose to partake in making some Christmas calls, and eating some delicious food, only to snooze again.
     My three favorite Christmas gifts this year (and in no particular order) are my: grandma's white gold cross, my Krueg coffee pot, and my gem bracelet which represents strength from my dearest and most treasured friend/sister/cohort, Michelle. I also got pajama's, from relatives in California, some a beautiful wall hanging for strength, the Eclipse saga from Twilight, money, a really cute panda bear pencil sharpener too. The one gift which I have to say was is the most thoughtful, and is/will be greatly appreciated is a day at a spa to help me recoup and rejuvenate after taking care of my mom and putting up with daily household shenanigans. I'm not quite sure when and where I am going for this treat, but I will gladly let you know when I do.
     Yesterday December 26th was the first official snow storm/blizzard/ winter disaster for NY, and more specifically Long Island (not to mention NJ.) I was more excited to see it come down, and be snugly warm in my house as I do enjoy mother nature doing her thing. But as the night wore on, we lost power and mom was getting nervous about damage being done to our home. Thankfully our power was restored within an hour to an hour and a half...whereas some areas went several hours or all night without. What was really cool this morning when I checked the back yard, it looked like we had a crop circle, although it was all snow. With the way the wind was blowing...the snow drifted in odd patterns and areas.
     The sad news is I think I may have lost our backyard interlopers to the elements. Lari and LiL' Daryl have not been spotted all day today. With the bad weather on the way, I had moved their cubby to right outside my backdoor, so I could keep an eye on them, and offer more shelter from the elements. I had made a flap-door to block the wind for them too, and they loved this. However last night, with the snow...I had to keep clearing the snow away from the entry point of their cubby, and kept checking on find them huddled inside (safe I thought.) This morning, I had to completely clear the way, as they were almost snowed in. When I checked the cubby, only LiL' Daryl was in there, and she was fine. She had ventured out to do her business, I saw her frolic a bit...and then she scampered off. I haven't seen hide nor hair of her or her mother and I *know* no one else was taking care of them. Although they were not wanted, it breaks my heart to think that they've frozen to death somewhere, especially if not far from us.
     And now mom and I have gone in to cleaning and party-prepping frenzy as we need to get ready for our New Years Eve soiree Friday night. We'll be having appetizers, Penna a`la vodka, beef brisket, and I am making a tiered snowflake themed fondant cake.


  1. <3 <3 Glad you had an amazing Christmas!
    Now how about telling how your NY party went? :)

    Any news on Lil Daryl?

  2. Lari has taken up residence in the back yard once again. (Boo.) However Lil' daryl comes and goes periodically. I want to find Daryl a home soon. As for the New Years Eve party...I will post about that soon....promise. It was a nice night though.