Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Countdown Fact # 4-the kitties *must* go

Christmas Fact #4: In Britain, the Holy Days and Fasting Days Act of 1551, which has not yet been repealed, states that every citizen must attend a Christian church service on Christmas Day, and must not use any kind of vehicle to get to the service.

 I am an animal lover. There is no way that I can even try and deny the fact that I love animals. Mom has even told me that not my first, but one of my first words as a baby had been 'cat'. Growing up there have been numerous fish, hamsters, and hermit crabs in our house. We've had a red-eared slider turtle by the name of Michelangelo (named after the ninja turtle, not the artist.) We had a dog give birth to puppies, zebra finch which had a slew of babies too. Then I had the idea to get hamsters again, and see what happens if you put a male and female together........................tons of babies. We've had our share of dogs and a few cats too. And when I am 34 1/2 years old, my fur-babies consist of two awesome cats (Pooka and Cro`i), a crazy-ass puggle (Lola), and a kitten (Luna.......who actually shares the love of my life, Colin Farrell's birthday.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Somehow though over the summer. a stray cat got in to my back yard and gave birth to a litter of kittens on the side of my house without out knowing it. It was not until the mama cat (who I've since named Larri) came sniffing by our back door, looking for food that we knew we had an interloper. Then it was discovered that she had her babies with her. (I have named the babies Daryl and Daryll....however they've now become Lil' Daryll and Daryl P.J.) The mama cat (Larri) is a short haired tuxie and very feral. One kittie, Lil' Daryll is a gorgeous gray tabby and is a scardy cat. Daryl P.J. is a doll, long-haired, angora tuxie and a mush. I can pick her up and hold her, and love her and bring her in the house for a short visit.
However, there is 'no more room at the inn', in regards to bringing this trio of interlopers in to my house as pets. Living with my cats, the dog, and an aunt who has the beginnings of dementia takes up enough of my time and energy to take care of them (not to mention mom too.) I have called every shelter and animal rescue person you could think of and have gotten no luck or help from anyone. Long Island is so over-run with cats that no one will accept or trap strays for you. I refuse to bring them to the town shelter, as it hurts me to think of these innocent animals being euthanized. So they've been living in my back yard, and I've been giving them food and water until I can find them a nice home. Even my mother, 'Mrs. anti-pets' enjoys watching them play in the back yard....but we worry about them surviving the winter and the snows we know will come. These interlopers need a home....and I will miss them when they go.
Tonight though was the straw which broke the camel's back. Tonight my darling son-of-sons, Pooka went out to get some night air. And when he tried to come home, the mama cat....aka Larri got in to a tiff with him, and he won't come out of my neighbors yard and come home now. NO BODY messes with MY Pooka. NO ONE! So now it's on like donkey kong. Larri (and the Daryl's) must go. Because nothing comes before my fur-babies!


  1. I hate seeing any animal suffer on their own, but there is only so much you can do for your interlopers. Especially if momma cat is going to start getting territorial and getting in spats with the cats that already reside there.

  2. Daryl P.J. was brought on SUnday somewhere for her to be adopted. It hurt, but in the long run it was for the best.

    Larri and Lil' Daryll are still here. Lil' Daryll is starting to get a little more braver with me, so maybe I can win her over, enough to capture and bring to a safe haven.