Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Countdown Fact # 14, I WANT A TURTLE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas Countdown Fact # 14: At midnight on Christmas Eve 1914 firing from the German trenches suddenly stopped. A German brass band began playing Christmas carols. Early, Christmas morning, the German soldiers came out of their trenches, approaching the allied lines, calling "Merry Christmas". At first the allied soldiers thought it was a trick, but they soon climbed out of their trenches and shook hands with the German soldiers. The truce lasted a few days, and the men exchanged presents of cigarettes and plum puddings, sang carols and songs. They even played a game of Soccer.

I have a houseful of pets. Probably more pets than I actually need. No....not probably...deffently more pets than I need. There is Pooka and Cro`i, my 'babies' who are 7 years old...and I would lose it if anything happened to them. Then there's Lola, the pain-in-the-ass puggle who is really my Aunt Ida's but care has fallen to me. And yes, granted I did buy my aunt the dog...and I do love snuggling with her. But her annoying and bad behaviour totally outweighs her cuteness and lovability. Next comes the littlest...Luna who we've had for a few months. She is a cutie, and has more energy than I've ever seen in a kitten.

And then on FaceBook I saw the link to the turtle page. http://turtleshack.com/store/ Who in their right mind does not want a turtle??? They are so cute, and pretty low maintenance. I used to have a red-earred slidder when I was a kid. And now I want a turtle. Where I'd put it, I have no clue. How would the pets react? Probably in a very curious way. But what appeals to me is that the Turtleshack actually UPS's the turtle to you!!! How feckin' cool is that??????

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  1. Oh mo...

    *shakes head*

    Get yourself a turtle...at least it is easier to care for than the yard cats or another dog. ;)