Sunday, January 22, 2012

I's what I do.

     For YEARS I have wanted to learn how to knit. I love the idea of knitting. The clickity-clack of needles, the nifty scarves you can make. But alas no one I know who knits was willing to teach me how to. Aunt Ida used to be a she wasn't the person to turn to either.
     Thankfully my dear friend Phil (who is way too talented in too many ways) informed me that he knits on a loom. ALAS my desire to knit flared up with a vengeance! The possibility of making scarves and blankets were within my fingers reach. I raced to Michael's craft store and selected my (rectangle) loom, as the round one looked wacky and picked out a beautiful yarn in melding blues and greens.
     Then my crafting lust got ahead of me and I picked a beautiful amethyst purple yarn called Dew Drop which had sequins attached. Because you know...I could make a friend a gift. I could make MANY friends MANY GIFTS! My cousin Tom even requested a scarf for himself So you can imagine how busy I will be knitting my little hands off.

     The funny thing is I haven't even knitted myself anything yet. Everything I am making will be given to other people. Which is fine...because I love to give those I LOVE stuff I make, because it comes from the heart.