Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My cats are better than your cats!

There is nothing I wouldn't do for my mckittens. And just when I think I wouldn't love them any more than I already do, they do something to make my heart swell with awe and love for them. even the 'newest' mckitten, the 'baby' Luna (who I can't believe is almost 1 year old.) From the get-go Pooka and Cro`i had been known as the mckittens, and we had a special bond. They greet me at the door, regardless of the hour, and when I am not feeling well sense it, and seem to snuggle me and try to heal me. Even when I am agitated or annoyed, they gather around me to calm me down. And I'll never forget the time (almost 2 years ago) when Pooka didn't leave my side when I had passed out in the bathroom, guarding me until my mom found me. And leading up to that, Pooka and Cro`i, sensing I was not well wouldn't venture far from me.
                                      When we took Luna in, there was a bond because I took her in at a very young age. I knew then, and still feel that she really believes I'm her momma. I was the one who taught her to potty in the litter box, and I was the one who fed her every hour when she was only 5 weeks old. And although she isn't a snuggler unless on her terms, she does enjoy me carrying her like a baby. What cracks me up with Luna is that even at 11 months old, every so often she pops up unexpectedly with an urgent "MEOW!" like 'here I am momma....I didn't venture too far away.' And even though I know Luna thinks that I really am her mommy...I wonder if she and I have the bond that Pooka and I have. And up until last night it broke my heart to think that we didn't.
But since I had gotten sick with this stupid stomach virus...it has become clear that Luna is just as concerned about her mamma as Pooka and Cro`i. From last Thursday, any time I visited the bathroom to retch my guts out, Pooka or LUNA came in to make sure I was ok. Once I was settled back in my bed, Pooka would resume his post across the bed to watch me. Luna at the foot of the bed, and Cro`i in her spot on the side of the bed. Cro`i nestled in to my armpit and purred me to sleep, careful not to jostle me an have me bolt to the bathroom. Luna very gently would amble up to me and gently press her nose to my mouth, as though taking my temperature or giving me a kiss. She also made sure not to over nudge or skutch me.
     And all three of them made sure I got plenty of rest and stayed warm. So see, for those of you who think that cats do not care about humans, other than to be fed...you're wrong. My kitties love me for me...and take care of me. And with that I am proud to boast that my kitties are therefore better than your kitties.