Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello's been too, too long

     I have a life outside the Internet world.....doesn't everyone? But please forgive me for being away so long. It isn't that I didn't think about you, blog(gers)...and miss you. It's just well I have been....preoccupied....distracted.....busy.....okay just down-right LAZY about blogging. There I said it! AHHH, now I feel so much better. During the summer I started dating again...and have a blog dedicated to the nightmares/adventures of that whole aspect of trying to find 'the one'. And believe you me, it's difficult! And even more than difficult....EXHAUSTING! Thanks to a co-worker and friend, I have now gotten reacquainted with my country music roots. Between Scotty McCreery, Lady Antebellum, and Alan Jackson to name a few I can now get down with the country-crooning again.
    But now it's October, and we're in the full-swing of a beautiful east coast autumn. The leaves are finally changing, and the fire pit nights are in full-swing as we sit and watch the dark night sky, think of our upcoming Thanksgiving feast....and for me the excitement of dressing up for my favorite holiday, Halloween. This year it was a nightmare deciding what I wanted to be, and finding the perfect costume. Surprisingly 2 options came to me in the ninth hour, and I passed them by my mom who actually liked the one I didn't think she'd go for. So now we just have to fit in some pumpkin picking, and snag some fresh produce from the local farms to cook fresh roasted corn, fried cauliflower, and pumpkin pie. Autumn always gets me in the mood to cook up tons of food, and freeze some so dinner isn't that difficult to deal with. My go-to fall foods are stews and chili, and even soup. So get cooking people! And don't let the weather make you blue. Take the dog for an evening stroll...and if your dog is as tubby as ours is, take the dog out several times a day. Actually I am enjoying my walks with Lola...she loves them, they finally got her housebroken, and they get her and I moving.
     With all the ugliness and natural disasters happening in the world these days life can get a bit scary. Remember to treat people with kindness and they'll do the same to you. Cherish your friends and family above material objects. When a friend and you no longer have things in common, and start to drift in different directions, don't get angry at them. Instead try and realize that the relationship has run its course, and whatever lesson you or the other party was to teach one another has happened and it is time to move on. No angry words need to be exchanged, no hard feelings need to be made. Try and remember you can not change someone to how you want them to be to fit in to your life. Nor do you need to subject yourself to a person/relationship/situation that is toxic, drama-filled, or negative. Simply wish the other person well, and travel on, down the path of life.