Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two-fer-Tuesday {pt 1} 12/7/10

     Here we are....the beginning of the holiday season, with parties galore and loads of temptations. Between baking for the holidays and several party opportunities I am worried about tacking on the weight I have been shedding the past few weeks. If I can ring in the New Year at 146 (which is where I happened to have been platowed at before the weight increase) I will be happy, and that more or less is my goal. Then I can make that weight my base line weight to start losing from beginning 2011.
     It appears that whatever is going on with my tummy, has been helping me lose weight (as my appetite is not what it had been) and I am losing weight at a healthy clip...roughly a half-pound per week. Mom thinks my tummy issues are due to the stress I've been under. I don't know, maybe yes and maybe no. I still think it is my gall bladder. Also I have to go see my gastroentonologist for a check-up....and he'll be able to make heads or tails of this.

Anyway, my chubby-ass check in for the week of 12/7/10 is:
Weight- 149 pounds
How do I feel about this: I will gladly accept losing a half-pound per week.
What will I do to continue this: Whatever the hell I am doing to lose the weight which I am.

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