Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two-fer-Tuesday (pt 2) Chubby-butt Check-in 12/21/10

COOKIES? WHO HAS THE COOKIES?!? Oh....that's right. I have the cookies. Tons of Christmas cookies which have been baked to share with family and friends for the Christmas and New Year holidays. None of the cookie recipes I made were weight-watcher concious and low-fat. Did I care? Hells no, as it is the holidays and I was going to abstain from eatting said cookies.

And have I abstained from being the cookie monster? Hells noooooooooo!I have eatten tons of cookies, almost every day, several times a day. No lie! And each time I chowed down, in cookie bliss reprimanded myself and promised to not eat them the following day. And yet I did. Because my willpower is not the strongest, and lets face it....they're damned delicious!

So today I climbed on the scale and was ready to cry when the digital numbers would rapidly climb. ANd SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS....it did not!!! IN FACT I LOST!! A POUND. Being on the 'cookie diet' I lost a pound!

Today's chubby-ass-check-in on December 21, 2011 I weighed 148 pounds.
How do I feel about it? Extremely happy as I have been chowing down on the cookies.
What will I do about it? Tryto cut down on the cookie intake, as I know damned well it will catch up on me.

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