Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Countdown Fact #1

     LOOK!!! I have a pretty new blog background. I had been trying since last night to change my background to reflect the holiday & season. But I am technology intolerant and could not do so. I had texted my BFF (and not calling her that in a sarcastic way) Michelle for help, but alas she chose to not head my call. However this morning she swore to me that she'd fix me up right and change the background. And staying true to the awesome person she is....she was very patient as I surfed the net for the *right* background and then fought the codes until she got it right for me. Thank you're always there for me when I need you.
     Also, today marks December 1, 2010. Which means there is only 24 more days until Christmas, and only 30 more days until the new year! Where did the time go? The house is slowly but surely getting decorated, and I still have no idea what to get my mom and aunt for Christmas. I have to get them *something*.  Anyway, to keep in the holiday spirit and to make the days until Christmas a little more joyful I've decided to blog something Christmas/winter related every day. So here we go:

Fact # 1:     Historians have traced some of the current traditions surrounding Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, back to ancient Celtic roots. Father Christmas's elves are the modernization of the "Nature folk" of the Pagan religions; his reindeer are associated with the "Horned God," which was one of the Pagan deities.

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