Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two-fer-Tuesday {pt. 2} Chubby-butt-check-in 11/30/10

     It's that time again. Time for chubby-butt-check-in. Oh boy.......I am so excited. *NOT* We just goth through Thanksgiving, where I feasted on tons of veggies. But I've also feasted on tons of delicous stuffing too. And let me tell you, nothing about the holiday cooking is low-fat or health concious. I bathed my turkey in a basting of white wine and sherry. Sauteed the mushrooms in butter and used pork saussage. 
     Have I exercised and used Wii fitness like I had avowed to for the past two weeks? Of course not. Because I have legitmatly felt like poop. The doctors have ruled out my gall bladder and appendix, and told me to see my primary if anything. So off ot the primary again I went, who feels that it is my IBS w/ Constipation which is causing my sickness. How IBS could have me yammying like no tomorrow is beyond me. PLUS I got the flu shot and now my arm hurts like a mother.
     But like a good girl, I pulled out that acursed scale a nd hoped on. And I was taken by surprise. Because I LOST WEIGHT!

Today's chubby-ass-check-in on November 30th, 2011 I weighed 149.5 pounds.
How do I feel about it? I am SURPRISED.
What will I do about it? Try and stay true to my word by Wii fitnessing and of course keeping tabs of my W.W. points and logging down.

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