Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas isn't just for kids ya know............

So I have reverted to a 14 year old girl tonight, when shopping in Wal-Mart with Mom. This is bad, because I was sooooooooo tempted to ask mom to buy me this item for my Christmas gift. Why is this bad, you may ask? BECAUSE. I am an adult. I do not *need* any thing from anyone to acknowledge the Christmas spirit. I really don't. If there is something I want, I can buy it...unless it is something out of my budget range. Which is a lot of things. But my point is....I can buy myself stuff that I want. I told mom that all I *did* want this year was the Hallmark recordable Christmas book. Because that has meaning, and that is something I will cherish forever.

So what is this item that had me regressed to a giggling, crushing 14 year old as I clasped the item to my chest and squealed 'Oh this is SO awesome!'               Here we go:

Which then brought me to think about items I would like for Christmas...but again don't have rhyme or reason to ask for them:
Recordable Storybooks Available in Limited Quantities

 I don't know what web site you can actually purchase Colin, but if anyone has any connections, let me know.


  1. AAAAAAH!!!
    "I'm love's bitch!"
    My fave Buffy episode ever! I like your wish list!!!

  2. Yeah well....all of a sudden mom does not remember saying she'd send me on a vacation once the surgery was over. So that looks like I'm on my own. I just need a few days on the beach. Really, that's all I need.

    So it looks like no beach time for baby.

    But don't forget what we're doing in JULY 2011!!! I think we should concelebrate our birthdays that weekend!

  3. we must talk about that this weekend - July, that is. As tickets go on sale Monday!!! :) (Since tix sell out fast!)

    And I'm all for celebrating our b-days together. <3

  4. Hey RDJ....Hey's our birthdays. You *must* celebrate with us as you're our b-day presents to one another.

    I am working tomorrow night, then Saturday & Sunday but am free to talk at night.

  5. We'll chat at one point...get our ducks in a row. :)

    mmmhmmm, perfect b-day presents.