Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two-fer-Tuesday {pt.1} I hate being sick

     See that? Like a good little blogger girl, I am sticking to my word, and will post to the world TWO posts on Tuesdays, keeping it Two-fer-Tuesday. Next thing you know...I'll decide only to eat foods which start with the letter "T" on Tuesdays, too....to keep in theme with the Tuesday blog. Then again...most likely not.
     I have been sick. I hate being sick. I really don't know anyone who enjoys actually being sick. But I'm sure there are those out there in the world who do. Because you know, then it makes them feel like they have the right to act like assholes. Anyway I am sick, and I am not happy. I'm really not happy about being sick because (a) I feel like crap, and hate feeling like crap and (b) I am afraid this is going to mess with my enjoyment of Thanksgiving Day. I am a HUGE fan of Thanksgiving Day....from watching the parade, to eating all the yummy food stuffs, to taking a nice big nap and then chowing down again that night. I love the cooking, and all the smells which waft through my kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. But I digress.
     I am sick. I got sick on Friday afternoon, when I was out with friends. What should have been a super fun day turned in to having me stick my head in a bag and barf my brains out while I had one friend begging me not to puke next to her (because then she'd puke), and yet another friend behind me asking if he should document my puking, and sending me text's about not puking. Yep...I have some amazing people in my life who keep things interesting. There were no other symptoms...no sore throat or headache or anything other than the horrid puking.
     Saturday, I still felt crappy, and couldn't hold anything down, so mom forced me to go to the doctor. Still, other than the nausea I had no other ailments. The doctor is someone new, as I just got a new health insurance and he did not exactly appreciate my sense of humor, nor my love of Grey's Anatomy. He did inform me, upon examining me that my ears, nose and throat were all clear. When he depressed on my tummy though, I commented on pains.
     So then as we were wrapping up the exam, he said to me 'Ok, this is what your course of action is. Stop watching those medical shows, and take yourself to the hospital.' Mom and I look at one another, and start laughing (because what kind of instructions are those?) Mom says to him, as we realize he's looking at us like we're insane, 'Are you serious? You want her to go to the hospital?' And he says 'Yes, I do. She may be having gall bladder issues or possibly an appendicitis and I can not test her here as we do not have the equipment.' Now mind you, we were supposed to do our Thanksgiving shopping....so this definitely threw a wrench in our plans. Mom then asks 'Does she have to go to the hospital right now?' And once again, the doctor gives her this incredulous look and says 'YES! If she is having appendicitis you do not want to risk it getting worse.'
     We go to pick up Ida her lunch/dinner as we figure we'd be in the hospital for a while...and off we go to Stony Brook University hospital which gave me the most amazing treatment, and fast-tracked me as well. I had my own privet room in the E.R. with teevee, and as we waited to get me fixed up, got to watch POTC III. The nurses and doctors were  very attentive, and gentle and wanted to get to the bottom of my ailment, as when they pressed my belly the pains were acting up. A sonogram of the gall bladder found that to be ok, however they located a cyst on my ovary. Then I had to drink this goopey stuff which is contrast for the cat scan of my appendix. They made it taste as pleasant as possible, mixing it with Crystal Lite and walking me through every step of what I would feel and how the test would work. The cat scan can back normal, and needless to say my appendix is fine so they discharged me as they could not diagnose the problem.
     I still have the nausea and headache, and today is Tuesday but it is waining. I really think it may just be sinus pressure and back drip although the stupid medical doctor said sinus's were OK. What worries me are the pains in my tummy, but they aren't consistant nor always in the same place. So I will just have to monitor them. Like I said in the beginning of this entry......I *hate* being sick!


  1. My poor mo!!! I was worried about you Saturday!! :( And I couldn't even grace you with Comic Con tickets to make you feel better because their ticket ordering system blows goats!

  2. Yes, it does blow! But I have faith that we will get our Comic Con 2011 tickets. Because hay! When was the last time we were in Cali together? And we've decided to concelebrate our birthdays.

    The fates wouldn't dare mess with that. I feel pretty good today, think I am on the road to recovery.