Friday, November 26, 2010

Aerosmith Apparel reasonable priced, and then again..........maybe not

     So it's official...I am back on the Aerosmith band to speak. As today is Black Friday, they web site for the group e-mailed me a bunch of sale promo's. Which of course enticed me to look, and I was shocked at how reasonable some of the stuff was priced. So I picked several items which I feel I must own.

Priced for the little folk...aka reasonably priced items:

 Priced at $29.99 this is a bargain. Considering it is band apparel and on the site. Plus I have become a huge fan of hoodies over the past few years.

Priced at $24.99 I have to say again, very reasonable. Plus it's a thermal and we know how I freeze my ass of. Plus it is rock deff a must-have for me.

It's's classic looking and at $18.99 a steal.

This is a real bargain priced at $29.99 for the set. It's brown, which doesn't make me *love* it....but it is velour, thus warm, and can be paired with many bright colors.

What the hell were they thinking....aka you need to have $$$ to burn:

It's a ring. And it's priced at $99 on sale. Granted it's sterling silver...but really? $99 for an Aerosmith ring? Why couldn't they offer it in other options to make it more reasonable?

Oh just what I've always wanted *note sarcasm* a Joe Perry Pick charm. No chain included, and it is $89.99. Must I repeat, NO CHAIN included?
*Note: The Tom Hamilton version is $59.99. Why such a price difference?*

It's a necklace which pays homage to one of their classic hits. And at $189.99 you can have someone stare at your neck/cleavage area and wonder what the heck is written on the dangle.

It's the 2009 concert ticket holder. It comes with the set list, photos, a pin, and a spot for your ticket. And at $249 per unit, you can be reminded at how crappy your seat was as you could only afford the nose bleed section.


  1. No naked Joe pictures?
    I wouldn't buy anything but that! ;)

    There are some good deals on clothes, but the jewelry and ticket holder are not worth it. (Besides why would you want pictures from someone else's concert experience if that wasn't the concert you also saw???)

  2. The ticket holder thingy makes me ill. The idea of naked Joe pictures makes me even more ill. ANd I agree, why want photos from a concert other than the one you had attended?

    I will have to get some of the clothing though.