Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Countdown #3 Christmas Craziness which I am partaking in

Christmas Fact #3:   Theodore Roosevelt, a staunch conservationist, banned Christmas trees in his home, even when he lived in the White House. His children, however, smuggled them into their bedrooms.

It is so easy to get through life sometimes it scares me. And it's so funny how life makes the 'hard' decisions for us at times. Case in point....due to some turmoil taking place in a group which I help founded and built from the ground up I will *not* be making the Christmas gift which I had planned to give to each member of the group, commemorating the first year of the group.

You see, I had purchased a box of fuchsia Christmas balls and planned on decorating and personalizing each one for the members of the group, as well as have some other handy-dandy little gifts for them at our Christmas party. But now they are churning up a lot of lies, and petty rumors and causing chaos in the group. (I will go in to this in a different blog entry at some point.) And I was torn about making the gifts or not, and what could I do with these balls if I did not make the gifts. Because I am notorious for chucking out my receipts.

Today as I drove to work, I saw a slip of paper in my car and looked at it. Low and behold it was the sales receipt for these pink Christmas balls. So there it is, the universe presented me with the means to get my money back...and I plan to. Returning the balls I am, and not gifting these people with something special. Life is easier than we times. :o)


  1. I think that was a big sign that returning the ornaments is the right thing to do. Why give someone something made from your heart when they are doing all in their power to break your heart?

    Love ya, girlie!

  2. Yeah, especially after the bullshit tonight when I was out. If I was even having second thoughts about returning the balls (which I wasn't) tonight was the icing on the cake. Because now it is more than crystal clear that she has sided with them.

    This shit had me pissed when it started. But tonight was when it hurt. But as Ghandi once said: 'only you can give someone the power to hurt you.' And I'm not giving that person power anymore.

  3. Good! They (and she in particular) do not deserve to have ANY power in your life.