Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011.....what adventures will you bring?

Hello everyone...and welcome to the new year 2011! May it bring each of us nothing but the best: good health, love, laughter, success, and grand adventures. Have you made any new years resolutions? Not only did I fall off my diet wagon, at the end of 2010, but I all but ate anything and everything without giving a damn. Do I still plan on losing weight this year (2011)? I sure as hell do. Not only because I want to be slim and trim come June....but because my back issues have been flaring up as well, and I think it's because of the weight. But New Years resolutions shouldn't just be about outward changes. It should be about growing as a person, and shedding things which have held us back in the past.

What I am leaving behind with the past year 2010:

  • People who proclaimed to be friends, but instead were hurtful spiteful people.
  • Giving my power up to those who do not want to see me excel.
  • Wasting time dwelling on the 'what could have beens'.
  • Sinking in to sadness (this is an ongoing work-in-process.)
  • Being a procrastinator.
  • Farmville on FaceBook
What I am embracing in the new year 2011:

  • Working out more, and eating right. (No, I really mean it this time.)
  • Doing things which make me HAPPY.
  • Picking up my schoolwork and finishing my journalism degree.
  • Getting a full-time job to not only support myself, but give me a sense of self-worth.
  • Taking people up on help when I need it, as well as when they offer it.
Sometimes we take on ideas or goals which are bigger than we realize. And when we do not succeed at them right away, consider ourselves a failure or lose hope. Don't ever give up on yourself and always finish what you set out to do. Be careful of whom you let in to your life. People may seem like they have your best interests at heart, but they may actually surprise you by not being what you wish them to be. Always offer someone a you never know how badly they may need it that day. Remember to treat people the way you wish to be treated. Sometimes this is harder done than said...but if we always treated people with kindness and respect there would be a lot less negativity in the world. Keep in mind that it is okay to agree to disagree...everyone is entitled to their own belief. And most importantly...let those you love know that you love them. Because you never know when the moment will come that they are not with you to let them know how much you love them.

 People come in to your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. Yes when the friendship runs its course, most of the time it hurts. Sometimes it is not clear why it ended or what was the final cause for it to end. And yet on a rare occasion, when the relationship ends, sometimes you don't feel any sadness, but relief or no second thoughts about it. When the relationship ends...don't be sad and try not to be angry. Because if you think about will realize the lesson you learned from this relationship. Sometimes you may think that the relationship has run its course...only to have that person resurface in your life, and to realize that the bond with this person is stronger than ever. THOSE are your true friends, your gift from God and the ones who will not judge you, but be there beside you to laugh, cry, and advise you in your life. To all my friends and blood or choice...I wish you all a very happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, my darling friend!

    I love this whole blog post. And I hope that when you feel down or lost that you go back to it and read it and remember the positive place you were in when you wrote it.

    (And I admire you quitting Farmville...I can't bring myself to quitting it. I just want to decorate my farm and make it beautiful, dangit!)

    Anyway, you deserve the best and I'm in your corner every step of the way to cheer ya on. (even when you dream of things that make me snicker or lock yourself in the house.)

  2. Hey now! I did *not* lock myself in the house. The lock is can't get it to work either. So of course she is now in a pissy mood.

    As for the weird-o dreams....what better way to amuse myself and you? <3 :o) <3

    Thank you for always being in my corner,and always know I am with your corner and only a phone call away. I wish you nothing but the best...because you truly do bring sunshine to the world. Never forget that.