Thursday, January 20, 2011

Attack of the cats.....or 'did you ever think you'd know someone who had to get rabie shots?'

     Ok, I've been gone for awhile but it's not exactly my fault. I've missed checking in and blogging. I've missed following all of you who blog too. But I had a slight bloody and painful mishap which had prevented me from being able to type, as well as having my energy zapped from me. They say the the road to hell is paved with good intentions and over the course of my life...found that to be true from time to time. However it has never rung more true or closer to home, than it had last Saturday.
     Anyone who knows me knows I love animals. Almost all kinds of animals. And my heart breaks for those whom are mistreated or homeless. My family has always rescued our pets from shelters, and my newest kitten was brought in from a feral litter at only six weeks old...and a ball of joy and love. Of course my mom cringes any time I see an animal and she thinks and knows that I do want to love it and adopt it. But finally...with one crazy puggle and three cats, I know there is no more room in my house or my heart to give.
     This past summer, a pregnant cat took up residence in our back yard and gave birth to two kittens. I fondly nicknamed them 'the interlopers' and named each of them. The mother is a meanie, one kitten was a lovie, and the other a scardy-cat. Just before Christmas I was able to place the beautiful, nice kitten in a home...but we worried about the mamma and remaining kitten. Mind you the 'kitten' is now about eight months old. I have gotten no where with the mother cat, with her allowing me to pet her. But the kitten I have been able to pet when she is inside the shelter I've constructed for them to protect them from snow. And this is where the horror began.
     On Saturday, January 15th I decided to take the 'kitten' and put her in a carrier and turn her over to an animal rescue place with the store Petco. I had my cat carrier ready to go, inside my house, near the back door. I waited until she was in her cubby, and attempted to extract her. BIG mistake. Big. HUGE! Because this kitten went wacko! Granted I can now admit that she was scared....but at the time it was 'an attempt to kill me...the person who was feeding her.' She scratched my hands and my wrists with her nails. I got her out of the cubby and she lept from my grasp and scratched my neck and face...and FLEW into my dining room where I heard glass shatter. I went after her, not wanting her to get hurt...and found her behind a curio cabinet where once again (stupid me) grasped her and she set about BITING my left index finger the point where blood was literally spurting from my hand (no exaggeration.) I figured that I was going to need stitches. Again she escaped my grasp and FLEW back to the family room, and hid behind the sewing machine until my mom could move it enough for her to get past and outside to freedom.
     My hand in excruciating pain, already swollen and still bleeding, I told my mom I was going to probably need stitches and off to the urgent care we went. The urgent care doctor told me we were going to need to go to the Emergency Room at the hospital as animal attacks need to be reported by law...and I would need to be started on the anti-rabies vaccine. He prescribe an oral antibiotic of augmentin, which I have to take 875mg TWICE a day, for ten days. Plus he gave me a tetanus shot. So off the the Emergency Room we go and have to go through the whole horrid details again. I had to speak to someone in the CDC department who informed me that I would indeed need the series of anti-rabies shots. Several of which would be injected IN THE BITE SITES and would be extremely painful. Also I'd need three follow-up shots on certain days.
     Contrary to popular belief...they do NOT inject the rabies shots in your stomach. You get a shot in each arm, and then into the animal bites. They DO NOT numb the area. They DO NOT knock you out for this. The needle which they use is the size of the needle for an epidoral or the amniosantesis test. It is THE WORST pain I have ever felt in my life...and trust me...I've been through some nasty injuries. I tried holding in my screams....and mom had to push my shoulder down to keep me still. Tears streamed from my eyes and the nurse was so upset to have to put me through this (the nurse was really, really great with her treatment of me.) Eight shots later, a xanex for my nerves and an ice pack with follow-up shot dates I was sent home. This past Tuesday I had my first follow-up shot which was a breeze, like getting a flu-shot in the arm. The only thing is it makes you very sleepy for a day or so. I have two more rounds to go and are then finished (thank God).
     However my problem is still not solved. The psycho cats are still in my backyard. They sit at my back door and try to coax me in to trusting them. I know they really want another taste of me. I have no assistance in having these cats removed. Apparently by NY State law, cats are free animals, so the town and pounds are not allowed to trap them and remove them. ALL the shelters are overran with strays, so even if I did catch them, they will not take them. NOW last night another cat showed up in my backyard. I'm not sure if it's a male or female...but not only is this another unwanted cat...but the two original interlopers are not this poses the problem of a kitten explosion.
     In all my life I never thought I'd be someone to say ' name is Rose....and I've had the rabies vaccine.' Did you ever think you'd know someone who had to get vaccinated?


  1. Wow. I can't believe that! Sounds like an absolute nightmare. I couldn't even think about that pain but it's definitely necessary. It really is ridiculous that the town won't help you at all. It's like they want to do the least work possible. If there are still more of these cats, it's really a hazard to go outside. Like I said, please let me know if there is anything I can do.

  2. Thanks Jess! I don't see them either they packed up and left or they're hiding somewhere else for now. I did find a way to take this issue in to my own hands, without harm to them or if they return...will see about doing that.

    I appreciate your offer of help. You rock!

  3. That sounds so awful! At my old apartment at cat had kittens under our back porch. They were cute, but we didn't want to really have to deal with seven or so cats outside our backdoor. We never feed them in hopes they would go somewhere else, except our neighbor started feeding them. So they pretty much never left. But luckily I never had to go through what you went through. I can't even imagine.

  4. I went for the second to last booster shot today. Those are walks int he park compared to the initial ones. Next Saturday is my last shot and I am free and clear. :o)

    I am panicking though because although the culprit kitten who attacked me has not been seen for 2 days, her mother is still lingering about, and now a male cat has shown up. So now you know what the *new* danger is.

    It's hard, as an animal lover to not want to help animals...but with so many feral cats just can't. My neighbor who had been feeding strays has promised to stop feeding the ones she sees as she now knows the horrors.

    Thanks Shoshanah for your sympathy.