Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things to do when you're snowed in

Surprise...surprise it snowed yet again. I guess I can't be surprised being that I live in the north-east region of the country and it is the end of January. But where kids get excited at the opportunity of missing a day(s) of school and playing in the cold white stuff....I am beginning to go stir-crazy. I had (re)injured my back last year, and am no longer able to lift heavy items or shovel. So where I had once been the one to clear my driveway, now have to rely on neighbors to 'rescue' us. And although I have an SUV...and can handle driving in the snow....the slipping on ice in my boots does not really appeal to me. And where do I need to go anyway? I don't need anything such as 'toys' or groceries, or errands to do.
     There is nothing fascinating on tv to watch, and all my dvd's seem to have been watched a gazillion times, and nothing fresh to watch. I did just watch the 'A-Team' from NetFlix and it was amazing, but returned it in the mail so I can get my next dvd. The internet? Yeah nothing fun going on there either. All my sites which I follow have not been updated, and FaceBook games are getting mundane as well. And what the hell is up with Bejeweled? How come there are people scoring well in to the 400-thousands and I can't seem to break the 200-thousands? How are they cheating? Which brings me to finding ways to amuse myself in the house to keep from going stir-crazy. Yes they may seem to be just outright ridiculous...but when you live on Long Island, in the end of January and are snowed in....let's see what you can come up with to amuse yourself.

Things to do to amuse yourself when snowed in:
  • Make a big pot of soup. Any is fun.
  • Ok now make a big pot of chili because maybe I won't feel like soup tomorrow.
  • Finally put away the indoor Christmas decorations.
  • Grow the catnip in the ChiaPet catnip kit mom bought for the mckittens.
  • Make rice pudding...and then realize this is no longer your favorite recipe.
  • Not me...but this is the color.
    Change my blond streak to Manic Panic Ultra Violet color..just for shits and giggles. 
  • Now panic that if I score a job interview, may not be accepted for position due to purple in my hair.
  • Create a FaceBook account for my boy (my cat) Pooka. Because a friend asked me if he had an account. Why shouldn't he have an account of his own?
  • Wonder what kinds of things Pooka will talk about on his wall, on FaceBook.
  • Start to write about life with Pooka and wonder if people who read it will think I favor him above the other cats and dog.
  • Fight my Aunt Ida for the last cup of coffee. When the hell did she become such a coffee fiend?
  • Have a sleepover downstairs with Lola the dog. Ok...she's a good cuddler, but she also snores....and can be a bit of a blanket hog.
  • Procrastinate on starting to write about Pooka by thinking up more things I needed to add on to my list here.


  1. Bwahaha!!!
    You can start planning Comic Con!!!!

  2. But I can't! I don't want to until I know for sure we're in! Plus how can I plan for Comic Con when I have b-day plans on L.I. prior to that?? tummy hurts.

  3. multi task, chica!!!

    what is wrong with your tummy? Mine does too, but I think it is psychologically work related as I feel fine at home. =\