Friday, January 14, 2011

Pirate party birthday cake.....which route should I go?

I was trying not to think about it. But I am so very excited about this party that I can't help it and am thinking about all the things I need to do and have for my Pirates of the Caribbean themed Terrific-and-35 birthday. Everyone knows that I love to cook...and even more so love to bake, and I've been pondering the idea of the birthday cake for some time now. Do I go to a bakery and pay to have it made...saving me time? Or do I go the route of fondant tiered cake baked by me? Should I just go to Costco and purchase a sheet cake (because they're cakes are yummy)? Or do I invest and have a professional cake created?

I was surfing the net tonight, trying to get some ideas and found these photos of pirate inspired cakes which looked interesting, and somewhat reproducable (if I opted to make my own.) Which one looks the best to you? Time to vote!

Treasure Island Pirate Birthday Cake


  1. Mom does too.....and I have worked with fondant. So I am thinking this will be the way to go. :-)

    Did you talk to your boss today?

  2. Liz....yeppers that's the way I'm leaning towards. :o)

  3. I just saw your post on FB from yesterday and commented. I put in for 2 days off in June. Unfortunately I am the only one on the team that showed up yesterday and she was in a rage of a mood so I didn't push it with her. We will see on Tuesday.

  4. I like the middle one the best. But mainly because it reminds me of one of the cakes I had at my Shipwrecked birthday party when I was younger

  5. Shoshana,I do like the middle one. I really do, and it looks relativly easy to make. The only factor deterring me from that is my birthday is in June and this will be an outdoor party. So I am worried the bugs will try and swarm and attack. Plus the carving of the cake: i.e. the ship.....I don't know if my mad baking skills is up to that.

    Any ideas or suggestions on how to do that?
    Plus it depends on how many people I expect to attend...for serving sizes. Right?

  6. Truly love that second pirate birthday party cake. This would look just perfect in my son’s upcoming birthday bash Chicago event space. I was just trying to find some pirate party décor ideas too. I was just wondering if you could help regarding that.