Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Extra Man - Official Trailer [HD]

 Thanks to NetFlix, I've been watching more movies than ever. Which don't get me wrong, makes me very, *very* happy. Movies I've never heard of, movies I didn't get a chance to see whilst in the theater...movies I refused to pay to see while in the theater because I could just *tell* they would not be worth it.

I had seen the trailer for the movie 'The Extra Man' when watching a different dvd which I had gotten from NetFlix, and spotted Kevin Klein in said title. I LOVE Kevin Klein....adore him. Ever since seeing him in 'The Pirates of Penzance', have admired and respected his works and talent. He can be hysterically funny, and unquestionably serious. He can be droll, and pull off any character he takes on. So I was excited to see 'The Extra Man' thinking it to be something of hysterical viewing. What I saw instead was a different...pleasently different and unexpected and upon watching it for a second time (becaue mom fell asleep watching it last night), I am enjoying it even more!

Give this movie a chance, watch it twice if possible to truly savor the dry comedic flavor of it. John C. Reilly plays a small, yet memorable part and shows that he too can be genious and not just Will Farrell's goofy sidekick. Part English humor, with an American twist, part classic American Literature.....this movie is a hidden gem which I am sure Kevin Klein will not get the proper recognition for.

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