Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghosts and things that go bump in the night

I am a paranormal investigator. I like to communicate with ghosts. I've had my first paranormal experience when I was six years old. But back then, you never heard the phrases paranormal or paranormal investigator. These days, the media is flooded with programs pertaining to people seeking out ghosts....and vocabulary such as Mel-meter, shadow people, and KII roll off the general people's tongues as though they are naming the toppings which go on their pizza.
     My group, New York Society Investigating the Paranormal (N.Y.S.I.P.) does not get involved with anything of the demonic nature. We are not equipped to, however we do have contacts which specialize and are experts in that kind of paranormal situation. Should you like to check out our web site, may do so at the address; N.Y.S.I.P.  is a team of ordinary people with a penchant for the paranormal. We have come together to assist in those who are having troubles in their homes and buildings which are not explainable and are believed to be paranormal.  We offer all our investigations FREE OF CHARGE, and any information that is collected by us is kept confidential to protect the privacy of those involved. We are based on Long Island however we cover the entire Tri-State Area including  New York City and the Five Boroughs. The method in which N.Y.S.I.P. goes about our  paranormal investigations is from a scientific stand point. We do not use ouija boards, hold seances, or occult-type methods, nor do we condone such ways to investigate.
Recently my team and I just got through a crazy and highly active investigation which we had been contracted to conduct, in order to film a documentary. In all my life with all the personal experiences I have had....I never witnessed anything such as the past weekend. And I can honestly say, I am a little freaked by what we captured on film. Some of it was good, and some was not-so-nice energies that are dwelling on this property in upstate, NY. One of my bra's disappeared from my suitcase, as well as another investigator's bath towel. (And none of the team took either, to play a joke.) On the morning when my team was to head car wouldn't start, the battery drained completely. I had not left my lights on, in the car...and my car had just passed an expectation so there were no issues with it, prior to going on this trip. It took awhile before we were able to get on the road to come back home....and as we drove, another team member recalled some of our equipment spitting out the words 'stay' and 'castle'. It is very clear that the energies on this property were enjoying our personalities, and the attention we were giving to them, and did not want us to leave.
     After this trip, and being rattled...would I give up my passion and stop participating in investigating the paranormal? Absolutely not. This interest has been in me since a very young age and I feel that I was called to becoming an investigator, and forming my own group to help people cope with the unknown.


  1. Somewhere a ghost is wearing your bra, you know this right? Hahahaha!!!

  2. You are probably right. In fact I know you're right. LoL.