Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Which would you choose.......aka get to 'know' this Brown-eyed Girl

Remember when you were a kid, and your friends would try and force you to make a decision, when facing some kind of insanely ridiculous scenario? Ex: If you were stranded on an island with Michelle and....Colin Farrell, and cannibals were going to attack, and your boat could only hold one other person...who would you save? Weren't these questions great, trying to make people decide? I still love to pose these questions, usually to my mother these days. But I figure why not give some of you some insight to the crazy & kooky mind of this Brown-eyed Girl. Not necessarily in that format but you'll get the gist. Enjoy!

    1. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?     Dark chocolate
    2. Curly or straight hair?                         I now <3 love <3 my curly hair
    3. Cat or dog?                                       Cat
    4. Batman or IronMan?                          IronMan
    5. Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark?             (It used to be Bruce Wayne) but TONY STARK
    6. New York or California?                    New York
    7. Sunrise or Sunset?                              Sunset
    8. Morning person or night person?         Night person
    9. Winter & spring or summer & fall?      Summer & fall
    10. Keep or give you spare change?         Give my spare change on city trips
    11. Steven Tyler or Joe Perry?                 Steven Tyler       
    12. Coffee or tea?                                    Coffee
    13. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?           Vanilla ice cream
    14. N.C.I.S. or N.C.I.S. Las Vegas?        N.C.I.S.
    15. Comfort or fashion?                            Fashion
    16. FaceBook or MySpace?                    Facebook   
    17. Colin Farrell or Hugh Jackman?         (Do I need to choose?) Colin Farrell
    18. Han Solo or Indiana Jones?                Han Solo
    19. McDreamy or McSteamy?                 McSteamy
    20. Soup or salad?                                   Soup
    21. Island retreat or mountains?                Island retreat
    22. Hugs or kisses?                                  Hugs (you can't fake a hug)
    23. Death penalty or rehabilitation?           Death penalty
    24. Vampire or zombie?                           Vampire
    25. Forgivness or holding grudge?           Forgivness (you don't have to forget, but holding a grudge is just to energy consuming.)       
If you have any questions you'd like to throw at me, to see where I stand, please post them and I'll gladly answer. :-)


  1. Umm, I want you to answer the Colin Farrell or Michelle salvation question. And I warn you to think very carefully as I buy you presents, Colin does not. (He only offers hairballs!! hahaha!!)

    You saying Steven Tyler over Joe Perry makes me laugh. Poor Joe, he has lost favor of his brown-eyed girl.

  2. Dude! I can't even believe you need to know the answer to the Michelle/Colin question. YOU, of course...and not because you buy me gifts. <3 <3

    As you know...it used to be Joe Perry all the way. Even though I adore Steven. But once Joe started selling his equipment to profit from the public he lost my respect. Then his ego, attitude and Steven abuse really turned me off of him. Plus...let's face it, he isn't aging very well.