Saturday, October 23, 2010

The joy of autumn.......Halloween


     It's Saturday, and beautiful weather for being outside enjoying the sunshine and decorating the house for Halloween...or doing something natury and fun. But where am I? Stuck in the office until 5pm, trying to keep myself entertained. Sure I have my book to finish reading, and more importantly the owners manual the new cam-corder I purchased for the investigation....but what am I doing? Just nada, except checking out FB, and now deciding to blog.
     For most people (ok kids), nah...I'll say people....their favorite holiday is Christmas. But not for me. Ever since I was a youngin', I couldn't wait for Halloween to roll around, and not even or the candy aspect. I just adore the idea of dressing up as something which is not you (or maybe deep down inside, it is) and showing off your costume. it was always a chore for me to pick ONE THING to be dressed as....and some of my favorite costumes were not store bought...but homemade by my aunt and mom.
This guy can deliver my pizza any day!
         There was my Wonder Woman costume which was actually a bathing suit and rain boots (that's actually the first costume I recall.) There was also my kindergarten costume where I was a swashbuckling pirate...decked out in blue tartan pants and vest...and a 'real' sword which was actually cut cardboard, with the blade wrapped in tinfoil. There were my many attempts of being Elvira, and also when I wanted to be a punk-rock girl...had a wig of multi-colored tinsel. What I hate the most about being an adult is that I can't sew to save my life, and have to resort to buying my costumes these past several years. This year I am torn between being a 1940's pin-up girl....a glamour girl which is so out of the norm for my go-to look for Halloween. Or should I dress as Abby Sciuto, from my favorite show N.C.I.S. which is what mom suggested. I have plenty of things I can wear to complete my total Abby look. I am soooooooo torn. LoL.
     And then there's the movies on teevee! Oh the glorious, gory, poorly acted, and nightmare inducing horror movies. I love sitting up late night with the kitten, Lola, and Ida watching horrid movies from my youth and wondering how the hell they were (a) popular, and (b) considered scary. Friday the 13th 1-XX, Open Graves, The Cursed, The Fog, SleepWalkers, Pumpkinhead...the list goes on and on...and from bad to worse to frightfully gory. It's all on the tube. And not just one glorious channel who acknowledges the wondrous Halloween season....but several different channels. Of course the season is not complete unless you watch either or better yet both: Hocus Pocus and/or The Nightmare Before Christmas. And a great evening treat as you gorge yourself on these horrific horror movies is popcorn with candy corn mixed in. Yuuuuuummmmmmmmm.
     This year is a tad bittersweet for me, as I do not have the time nor energy to deck my house out with all my fabu Halloween decorations that I have. However I did not fall short of the season festiveness, as I made sure to get my pumpkins and Indian corn to put on the stoop. This Halloween I have a 50/50 chance of going to Chiller Theater or having to work that day. I'm hoping Chiller Theater wins out as not only do they have an awesome list of special guests....but Patricia known for her roll as Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show is going to be attending. I would love to meet her, and perhaps have the opportunity to interview her as well. So if the Halloween gods are listening...please let me get to Chiller Theater, and rock my Halloween costume, no matter what I decide to be....and meet the lovely and talented Patricia Quinn.


  1. Where can I find that particular trick-or-treater shown up above??

    I can't remember if my costume was Wonder Woman or Bat Girl...I'm leaning towards Bat Girl. I always wanted to be Princess Leia.

    I have morbid curiosity. The horror movies scare the beejeebus out of me, but you know I watch them at home anyway. (And then not sleep because the boogie man is out there.)

  2. Here ya go babe...the link to the photo:

    I want to go see Paranormal Activity 2....but not sure if it is worth it.