Friday, March 18, 2011

Please sponsor Lola and I in the BARK FOR LIFE WALK for Cancer

Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone? Perhaps you thought about 'paying it forward' but felt a little odd paying for someone to pass thru a toll booth after you on the thru-way. Well here is a *great* opportunity for you to help a stranger, help the world.

On Sunday, April 10, 2011 Lola (the puggle) and myself will be walking in the cancer fundraiser BARK FOR LIFE, in Riverhead. Cancer is such a terrible disease, and no one regardless of age, sex, gender or nationality should be a victim of it. The fact of the matter is more likely than not in one form or another we all will be touched by this disease. Either by knowing someone or even contracting the illness ourselves. I myself have to go for an exam twice a year because I have precancerous cells, and am being monitored. Due to my wonderful doctor being on top of my condition and the break-thru's the medical world has come so very far. But we can still do more.

Please click on the link to go to mine and Lola's web page for this vent and sponsor us. Any little bit will help and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.................... Rose & Lola

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