Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Never accept defeat!


Wow!! No matter how many times I think that I've gone as far as I can go with something...a miracle happens.
Lola and I had set a goal of raising $250 for the Bark For Life walk...and our friends were wonderful enough to support us and donate money...even during these days when we all need to count our pennies. The donations were coming in steady and we were approaching our goal faster than I had expected. However then the donations stopped coming.
As the days crept closer to the Bark For Life walk, The funds raised were stalled at $150, and I began to believe that our goal would not be reached as I hoped. (Which was fine, because we did raise a nice chunk o' change for this cause)...but once again, I would be unable to complete something I had set out to do. Yes, I was getting ready to say 'hello' to my old friend defeat.
Then this morning I signed on to take a look at my profile page, and a miracle happened while I had been asleep. My friends Donna & Anthony made a donation, and brought Lola and myself closer to reaching our goal! We have not been defeated after all!
Miracles happen, every day when you least expect it. And especially when you're not looking for it. Our thanks go out to Donna and Anthony...not only for their generous donation. But for also reminding me not to accept defeat so easily.
Please continue to sponsor Lola and myself....our walk is only 12 days away.
Our love, gratitude & doggy kisses,
Rose & Lola


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