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Book Review: Fear Of Driving by Daniella Brodsky

Fear of Driving
What is a family?   Can you escape the things that connect you to yours?  That's what Ruby Reynolds wants to know in ... FEAR OF DRIVING
Throughout Ruby's childhood her mother dragged her clear across the country and back, starting their life over and over again, without ever telling Ruby who her father was and what exactly they were running from. When she was old enough, Ruby moved to New York City and promised herself she'd stay put, at a comfortable distance from her Momma…and the moving vehicles Ruby learned to hate.  But now Ruby’s met someone she wants to marry, someone with whom she hopes to create the kind of normal life she’s always wanted.  The problem is, when she leaves city life behind her worst fears are stirred up.  She has to learn to drive, though this symbolizes so many frightening possibilities about her family history, and she has to learn to make peace with who she really is.  But as Ruby blossoms into life, both on the road and in her heart, creating a “family” of her own along the way, can she ever truly come to terms with herself?

Fear Of Driving by Daniella Brodsky was a bit of a difficult read for me, which led to it being a disappointing read for me. But all in all it was not a 'bad' book. I had selected this book to read because I felt that the protagonist Ruby and I were cut from the same cloth. Granted my mom did not uproot me from the home I knew and take me all over the country, nor was I ever afraid to drive a car. However I am estranged from my father, and in the past never seemed to date the right kind of guy...due to intimacy issues. This I know stems from my 'daddy issues'. And up until two years ago, my relationship with my mother would have been considered less than desirable. I am most grateful that that has changed for the better, and now have to consider my mom my best friend. Again...our main character Ruby in this novel comes from New York City, and there are mentions of Long Island in this book, all of which are part of my life. So when I decided tor read this book, think I was hoping to find some tools in the story which I can apply in my life to get me through the 'speed bumps and pot holes' of life.

Perhaps I am well past the recovery points that Ruby goes through in this tale of friendship, learning to trust her boyfriend, and most importantly, overcoming her fears. Because there was nothing that I can take from this book, and apply to my life. However I did find myself nodding my head and thinking to myself 'yep...been there, done that' when Ruby would cover up her actions or make up an excuse. I also found myself getting annoyed with our girl Ruby tot he point of punching her in the head when it came to her lack of sharing with her fiance, Ed. Here is the great guy (maybe the character was a little too perfect) who goes out of his way to be there for Ruby, being supportive and patient without fail and she just wouldn't let him in. But I also have to play devil's advocate and say that Ms. Brodsky created such a damaged and needy character that maybe Ruby irked me so much because I still see much of her in me, when it comes to trusting a man.

I thoroughly enjoyed the side stories of Ruby creating a new family of friends in her adult life, and the commodorie that the characters share. It was written with enough passions, snark, and empathy to ring true to the real world.

Although I would not read Fear Of Driving a second time, I would recommend it. But only if you want to read a Chick Lit book, and are not looking to maybe walk away with some tools to navigating your own life. I was impressed enough with the style of Ms. Brodsky's writing that I would give another pieces of her work a try.

You can enjoy Fear Of Driving by Daniella Brodsky by purchasing it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble when you visit her site. I know it is available in different formats for your reading pleasure.

This is book review # 4 for the Chick Lit Plus 2011 Challenge. Remember, it's never to late to start to read!

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