Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am a self-professed beauty product-a-holic!!!

HI. MY NAME IS ROSE. AND I'M A BEAUTY PRODUCT-A-HOLIC. *Sighs* There....I've said it. Out loud, via text message to my bestie Michelle, and to the internet universe. How many of us are there out there who buy in to the marketing of these beauty products and think that everything they try and sell us is new and improved? I'm not the girl who will spend hundreds of dollars on botox (ewww...can we say botulism?), or skin peels, or anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin firming product. Nope...I'm the girl with a draw full of nail polish....and alot of nail polish in the same shade yet different catchy names. YEAH...I'm 'that girl.' Thanks OPI *cough cough*.
   A friend of mine and I recently had a girl's night, which consisted of visiting a beauty store and dinner because she needed to look at the new OPI nail polish color line for the MUPPET'S. Until she mentioned it, I was oblivious to there being such a color line. (Yeah, I thought my polish buying was under control.) And then I saw it...a bevvy of nail polishes with names like: 'Warm & Fozzie', 'Rainbow Connection', and 'Gettin Miss Piggy With It!' And I knew. I knew what was coming....I wanted them. I 'needed' them. I had to have them! So I indulged, and added to my nail polish collection. But it didn't stop there....oh no. I had to buy other items as well...stuff for gifts, stuff for myself.....stuff just because I'm a girl. So take a gander at some of the items this self-professed beauty product-a-holic purchased.

'Fresh Frog of Bel Air' fact I think I'm going to do this color for Christmas!

'Gone Gonzo' may be the color to go see the new Muppet movie when it comes out later this month.

'Animal-istic' because you know.....Tommy Lee & I share a love for Animal.

Big Bang Lip Gloss by Lipstick Queen in the color 'Creation'. This I just had to have because of my love for the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. (But I have to say...I do love how it makes my lips look and feel!)
 Halloween anti-bac packs for the little carrier you tie on to your purse. Never mind it's November...and Christmas will be here before we know it. But because of the witty names like 'Batty' and 'Vampire Blood'....this brown-eyed girl just needed to own them...because that's how I roll.

 And of course...because I am a complete nerd, and a total makeup junky when I found out that Tarte had a whole color line and look book dedicated to one of my favorite shows, and TVs sexiest vampires, TRUEBLOOD...this makeup pallet just happened to end up in my makeup collection.

And everyone needs their skin to be supple and soft, especially in the winter time. So per my friend Lisa's high recommendation, I turned to Philosophy and have the green tea body scrub to keep rough skin at bay.

There you have beauty splurges and spoils of a wild beauty shopping spree. Because this beauty product shop-a-holic can never have too many products to play with.


  1. *sighs* I had to keep my beauty products under control when I was just a temp as I had no money. It is not pretty now that I am running loose with extra money! (such as the 5 eye liners that I *had* to have the other night.)

  2. What color eye liners? What brand? Do you really think you can get away with giving only partial info such as that?

    There is a line of makeup in Sephora....I think called Professional makeup which actually is leading me away from MAC. Also the Sephora liquid eyeliner (felt-tip) is *sings* AWESOME!!!

  3. Black, Brown, Moss, Green, and Blue. And dude, the Moss and Green are so totally different colors, I don't care! :) They are prestige eyeliner, which is my fave line for eyeliner. I'm not big on eyeliner most of the time.

    MAC has the awesome powder foundation. I have used it for 10 years now.

  4. MAC has amazing foundation....loooove it. Prestige eye liner rocks too.