Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Pirate's Life's For Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I was a wee lass, there has been two consistent loves in my life. (1) pirates, and (2) vampires. My pirate love I believe stems from seeing Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Pirates of Penzance, and having the pirate kings sash brush me as he rushed through the seats of the theater.Then when I was 11 years old my mom took me to Disney World for my first visit, and I fell head over heals in love with the Disney ride Pirates of the Caribbean!What made it even more cool was before they revamped the ride to incorporate Captain Jack Sparrow in to the ride, there was actually a pirate lass statue which resembled me! Yep I was hooked on anything and everything Pirates of the Caribbean. If I wasn't so covered in tattoos ( and solemnly swore to my mom that I wouldn't get another tattoo) would probably get a pirate inspired inking.

Which brings us to the terrific-and-35 birthday bash which is Pirates of the Caribbean themed and a mere three weeks away! Today we placed I finalized the cake and menu for this auspicious occasion. But what's even more that my piratical paraphenalia for my outfit has been coming in. Is piratical even a word? are some of the items in my possession for making me piratey perfect!

Pirates of The Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Dragon Ring ReplicaJack Sparrow's Dragon ring. This is supper cool for me to own, as not only do I love dragons (and Jack Sparrow)...but I was born in the year of the dragon!

Pirates of the Caribbean <em>Jack Sparrow</em> Replica <em>Ring</em>This Jack Sparrow ring I actually bought when mum and I were in Disney World, several years ago. Who'da thunk it would have come in handy???

Pirates Of The Caribbean <em>Jack Sparrow Stolen Ring</em> Mr Not exactly my favorite of Jack's rings...but the price was right.
Jack Sparrow beads. Becuz, you know...I need 'em for me head!

 Ok, so maybe the real Captain Jack Sparrow won't be at the party. But I will be having an impersonator there!

Captain Morgan RumCaptain Morgan rum....because every pirate knows that the only way a party ends is when the rum is all gone!

Pirate Coins Pirate coins...because there's no sense in being a pirate if there's no booty to be had!
Pink Pirate Girl Luncheon Napkins Pirate napkins to be neat scally-wags!
Pirate Necklaces And some loot to decorate the tables.

Of course there is so, so, so much more. But I have to leave some of it as a surprise don't I? Plus in juust a few hours I am off to sail Stranger Tides with the Captain Jack Sparrow, in search of the fountain of youth, at midnight!

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