Friday, May 13, 2011

Book review & Blog Tour: Voices on the Waves by Jessica Chambers

     Today marks a very special day for me. I have the honor of hosting author Jessica Chambers today, May 13th as she travles on her blog tour, promoting her latest novel Voices on the Waves. Having obtained a copy of this book early on I was intrigued by what this tale would bring me. Although the cover art is beautiful, had I been shopping for a book, this cover would not appeal to my eye, and I would have over-looked it. I am so glad that I did not judge this book by its cover...because hidden within these pages is a fascinating story.

When Faye Wakefield runs a competition offering nine lucky winners a two-week holiday at her beautiful farmhouse retreat in Cornwall, she promises an experience they will never forget. However, even Faye could not have imagined how bringing these people together would change their lives forever.
Just as she hoped, the competition yields a diverse mixture of characters: a shy young woman with troubled eyes, a womanizing business tycoon, an interior designer ruled by her need for independence, a retired nurse, and an Irishman with an affiliation for the whisky bottle. Yet, as sparks begin to fly and the guests share their long-suppressed secrets, only Faye knows of her ulterior motive for inviting them all under her roof.

     Ms. Chambers has created a potpourri of characters as complex and colorful as those in the real world. From the shallow, insecure Tiffany who is looking for love in all the wrong places, to the egomaniac Marcus who thinks that he is God's gift to women. Each character is creatively written, where you can empathize with their fragile and soft side, and yet want to confront and challenge their abrasive side. Cleverly written, you know that the protagonist has an ulterior motive for hosting this contest but yet, you can't help but wonder what it is, and why she is doing it, nor can you figure out who is going to be the 'winner'. You wonder if the prickly Mrs. Davis will find her heart, and give the ever-friendly Rx a chance at late-in-life romance. So many mysteries are wrapped up in this delightful tale set in the beautifully described Cornish countryside. And not to be written off as typical chic lit, this novel also touches on the sensative topic of how different cultures view homosexuality. I truly enjoyed Voices on the Waves, and can not wait to see more work from this author Jessica Chambers.

You can purchase this novel Voices on the Wave by Jessica Chambers in e-book format at several locations. Either through the author's web site or at Amazon.  This is book review # 5 for the Chic Lit 2011 Challenge Remember, it's never to early to start to read.


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