Friday, August 5, 2011

I just a summertime girl in a summertime world...feeling the slow shift to autumn

Welcome to August! Yes, the last month of summer, but for Long Island, NY not necessarily the end of sweltering weather. And what a summer we went through, as well as what a summer I had! There was tons that were done, and dreams not-yet fulfilled. And although I am not a school kid, and I am looking forward to crisp autumn nights...I can't help but ask 'where did the summer go?' So being that I have kind of been M.I.A. with the posting, other than my book reviews...I'll give a quick glimpse in to what's been going down on my side of town.

June 3rd brought about my 35th birthday...and on June 11th I had thrown the kick-ass 35th birthday party of the century. What sucked was that the weather was HORRID, raining the entire day and putting a damper on my party. But what was AWESOME was that my 'pirate' Steven made a hit, and I not only had a 'Jack Sparrow' encounter, but made a new (cute & sweet) friend. For any of you looking for a Jack Sparrow impersonator...give Steven a whirl at          

Later in the month of dear friend Mikey who is a brother-from-another-mother turned the big 5-0 and there was a surprise birthday party thrown for him. And YES he was indeed surprised. However mom wound up taking a trip tot he E.R. that night, and long story short now has a tear in her left meniscus. Mikey's party was great...and we danced our butts off. But I have to party was better. Sssshhhhhhhhh!

Earlier this year, I had rejoined my original paranormal investigating group...which had been revamped several times. I was unsure if it was going to be as 'drama free' as they said it was, and low-and-behold it is! What is even more awesome is...not only am I doing something I love in my spare time...but all of the TAPS Family Members took part of a TAPS Family Reunion, and I got to meet and become friends with our founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. It was an amazing 3-day weekend filled with beautiful scenery, relaxation, and loads of laughter and new friends.

July was pretty quiet, you know just the usual: b-b-q, 4th of July stuff, and sweating in places I never knew could sweat. Oh...but I did see three awesome movies in the month of July: 'Bad teacher', 'The Hangover 2' which I thought was just as funny as the first, and 'Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows pt. 2' Oh Harry I miss you. Thank God for the 'Game of Thrones' book series to take your place for me. I did get sucked in to dating again, which has prompted me to create yet another new blog. If you want to check it out, can do so...I'm not embellishing anything which happens,and I'm not pulling any punches. Let me tell ya is a battle ground...and love is getting it's butt kicked!  I also took on a 2nd p/t job...working in of-all-places a podiatrist's office! Me! The girl who LOVES shoes but HATES feet! So my time has been somewhat limited between working split shifts, and having mom home retired and hanging out with her.

Which brings us back to August. The end of the summer...and yet another jam packed month of festivities, fun, and events.

On August 9th, my sister-from-another-mister Michelle celebrates her birthday. And no way can you make me squeal how old she is. She'll beat me yo! All I can say is that this Michelle Bell (and evidently there are a lot of them, because I just Googled her name, trying to find the link to *my* Michelle's blog) is the best person you could ever want and have in your corner. Michelle and I have been friends for more years than I can remember, and yet it feels like yesterday that we became friends. She has seen my good side and bad, been through my ups and downs, and has never turned her back nor judged me. She has prompted me to be silly, and has given me sage advice, even when it wasn't something I necessarily wanted to face or hear. She is truly my gift from God...because with Michelle I can be me without worrying about being me. Everyone should have a Michelle in their life...and if you do...make sure they know how special they are.

August 18th will bring me under the needle once again as I get inked. Or RE-inked, should I say. I'm having the tattoo on my left foot repaired as it looks like ca-ca...and the tattoo around my right ankle embellished and colored to make me & mom happy. Once these are done, you know photos will be up.

August 19th brings me to seeing my future-baby-daddy/future-husband COLIN FARRELL's latest film Fright Night. I am so stoked.       Colin playing a vampire makes me really makes me want to scream one of my snarky comments 'BITE ME' but with a whole other agenda behind it. I have been in my glory watching Colin making the TV circuit to promote the film...and am counting down the days. Of course there's also the movie 'Horrible Bosses' which he is in, and mom and I have a movie date for this Sunday to see it.

And that's my summer in a nut shell. I'm exhausted just reading back all the stuff that's taken place...and reliving the good times. And OH! My favorite band Blue October also re tweeted one of my posts without my prompting them too. So yeah, that made my night/and summer too. Hope you're all enjoying your summer. Enjoy every minute of it, and try not to wish it by.

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