Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gaga writes songs when drunk and high

OK! Magazine: First For Celebrity News :: Latest Celebrity News :: Gaga writes songs when drunk and high

This is so not shocking. Because anyone who can write the lyrics: "Raaah, ahhh, ah, ah, ah" really seems to have a solid musical background.

I don't hate Lady Gaga...but am so tired of her already. She is just trying to be a new Madonna, as she likes to shock the public. back in Madonna's lean years, she was very contriversial and was constantly trying to shock and change her appearence. As it is, Gaga is now in trouble for ripping off a Madonna song anyway. For someone who is 'so unique and fresh', she really isn't.

And would you want your child idolizing or emulating a performer who brazenly admits to being drunk and high when she is in creative mode? I know I wouldn't.

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